Pool Furniture and the Famous People Who Love It

Why just have a pool when you could have an outdoor oasis? As much as people love to take a dip or dive right in, there’s something just as special about relaxing poolside. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that water views create a sense of calm. By furnishing the outdoor space that surrounds your pool, you’re allowing people to enjoy this serenity without even having to get wet.

When picking furniture to add to your pool area, pay attention to the materials used. This is important because you should look for pieces that are resistant to different elements and chemicals, particularly water, sun, and chlorine. Tubular aluminum and synthetics are popular pool furniture materials because they are suitable for wet conditions and they are lightweight, making the furniture to move around and store. However, don’t forget that comfort is king. There’s no point in paying for all that waterproofing and weatherproofing if no one actually enjoys sitting on the pieces.

Then there’s the aesthetics. As many benefits as furniture brings to a pool area, don’t pack so much stuff in that it becomes difficult for people to actually get to the pool. Most importantly, the furniture should complement the outdoor space it’s in, as well as any surrounding architecture and nearby interior design. It’s unpleasant to walk outside and be shocked by how different it looks compared to the space you were just in moments ago. It’s a much nicer experience when everything is created with a cohesive vision.

All that being said, there are some absolutely key pieces that almost every pool area would benefit from. Don’t believe us? Check out these retro photos of celebrities who are known for their good taste enjoying these exact items…

Chaise Lounges

A chaise lounge is the most classic choice for poolside relaxing. Natalie Wood is the perfect model to show just how timeless this piece of furniture is. Not only are chaise lounges stylistically ideal, their angled, and often adjustable, backs allow for comfortable reclining. Pair that feature with their long profile and you’ve got a chair that provides support for the entire body. Very conveniently, chaise lounges are often available in a variety of materials that are weather resistant. With a few of these chairs around, pool visitors feel welcome to soak up the sun, read a book, daydream, or take a peaceful nap. If you’re lucky enough to be located in a place that has mostly sunny days year-round, adding chaise lounges to your pool area is a very smart choice. Even when it gets too chilly to actually go for a swim, this space that you’ve invested time and money in will still be enjoyable. With furniture this comfortable, you’re basically creating an outdoor living room.

Additional Furniture

Even Marilyn knows that once she’s tired of the pool, she’ll be looking for a convenient place to sit and dry off. Though chaise lounges are quite comfortable for most, if you have mobility issues, or even if you’re just tired from a long swim, they’re low enough to the ground that it can be quite hard to stand up once you’re down. That’s part of why it’s beneficial to have a variety of seating in your pool area; different strokes for different folks! Go for some chairs and recliners that still have a relaxed vibe, like those behind Marilyn, but that might be a little easier to get out of than a lounge. Of course, there are all kinds of sofas and sets that you could spring for too but remember that these take up much more space and can be quite heavy.

And don’t forget about tables! Even if you don’t want full dining tables, consider small side tables, like Marilyn has, or bistro tables. People will likely be looking for a nice place to set down a tube of sunscreen and a refreshing beverage.

Outdoor Accessories

Being the stylish man that he is, it’s no surprise that Frank Sinatra knows the importance of a good accessory. Once you’re happy with your selection of pool furniture, it’s time to add all the little odds and ends that make a space perfect. Arguably, the most important accessory is umbrellas. Although many people will be looking to tan in a chaise, sometimes we all need a little bit of shade to cool down, and patio umbrellas are usually the most practical solution for this. Even sun worshippers may reach their maximum crispiness, so adding umbrellas can extend the amount of time that people are able to comfortably spend poolside. Sizing is an important thing to consider when picking out patio umbrellas; too small and they won’t do their job properly, but too large and the space will feel cluttered and difficult to navigate. Having umbrellas over your tables could be the place you start but sticking them in movable bases like Frank has here can actually be much more practical. These days, they even make adjustable patio umbrellas so you can tilt it appropriately as the sun moves throughout the day!

The setup in this classic photo also includes a couple other helpful and attractive pool furniture accessories, such as a towel rack. Is there a worse feeling than getting out of a pool because you’re chilly and running over to your things only to realize your warm towel is buried under a bunch of stuff you’d rather not touch with wet hands? Adding items such as this to your space is kind of like adding side tables. People take all sorts of things to the pool with them, like goggles and coverups, and they’ll appreciate having places to sling them other than the ground.

A pool is no small investment. Get the most bang for your buck by turning the surrounding space into a place that people want to be all of the time. Comfortable, attractive outdoor furniture can help you do just that. Visitors will appreciate all the thought you put into creating an environment that caters to their needs and provides them with hours of entertainment. A well-furnished pool area is sure to delight!

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