Big Green Egg first-Timer Tips:

If you’ve never heard of the Big Green Egg before, you probably have some wild image of a giant green egg in your mind, and you’re not too far off. The Big Green Egg is actually an outdoor ceramic kamado-style charcoal grill, and it looks like this:

As Big Green Egg has evolved over the years, significant changes have been made to keep it miles ahead of anything else on the market – state-of-the-art ceramics, a wide range of easily adjusted cooking temperatures, a stainless steel cooking grid, and a permanent porcelain glaze to preserve its signature green color. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to get you started with your Big Green Egg:

  1. Of course, whenever using a hot cooking tool, you must always be careful in order to avoid injury. Even though the BGE may look fun and cuddly, don’t be fooled by its cuteness, it will burn you if used improperly.
  2. The Egg uses charcoal, which can be harmful if not used properly. Please be sure to follow all safety instructions when preparing your charcoal.
  3. Be extra careful when moving your Big Green Egg. The word “big” is literally in the name, and it’s not because it’s small and easy to transport. Handle your grill like it is a literal egg and be gentle when moving it, as it can tip over and injure someone.
  4. Don’t put your Big Green Egg on a wood surface, or near anything that may catch fire. The underside of the egg can get extremely hot, and, much like most other grills, will catch fire to combustible materials around it.
  5. Be sure to check the fasteners during the first month of owning your Big Green Egg and at least twice a year after that. The fasteners are designed to keep the dome of your Egg safe and secure. If they loosen too much, that whole “safe and secure” tidbit goes out the window.
  6. When you decide you’re ready to go on your first ever BGE cooking adventure, be sure to keep the temperature of your BGE low the first time you use it. Using high temperatures the first time you cook with you BGE could harm it because the adhesives need to cure in your Egg. Keep the temperature of your first cooking adventure to around 350°F/177°C to allow the gasket adhesive to cure and adhere to your BGE.
  7. Be sure to always have the lid closed while cooking- that’s how it is designed to work and having the lid open will only slow the cooking process. It is also important to keep the lid and vent closed even when you are not cooking with your BGE, as moisture is bad for your Egg. The BGE has a patented air control device which regulates the temperature of the Egg and allows for perfect cooking.
  8. Never use liquid lighter fluid in your BGE. The lighter fluids will absorb into the ceramics of the Big Green Egg and will permanently contaminate your Egg, and ruin the food you cook in it. Instead, use an electric charcoal starter.
  9. When you have finished cooking for the day, do not put the hot coals out with water. Instead, close your Egg and all of its vents, and the coals will go out on their own, leaving the remaining coals for the next time you would like to cook.
  10. Never use water to clean your Big Green Egg. The BGE is designed to clean itself by using the remaining heat to burn off any remnants of food that may be left inside.
  11. Over time, be sure to check the areas underneath your BGE to ensure there has been no deterioration due to heat transfer.


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