7 Unique Flower Garden Designs

Plants bring so much to the human experience, from the oxygen we breathe, to the food we eat, to the views we enjoy. It’s no surprise that planting and tending to gardens is a popular and calming hobby. Many people fill the lawns of their properties and border their homes with flowers, and for good reason. So many people enjoy this look, in fact, that gardens can add 10% or more to the value of a property.

Flower gardens can be designed in all kinds of fun ways, from simple to extravagant. It all comes down to the plant species and colors, the space they’re in, and the way everything is placed. If your gardens are being tended by someone with experience, there’s almost no reason not to get creative! You can use gardens to help bring the personality of your indoor spaces outdoors. Here are seven great examples of unique flower garden design…

  1. Bordered Garden

Bordering your flower beds with pre-cut blocks, stones, lumber, or logs can help them stand out in a landscape. Plus, if you make the bed raised and use a border material that creates an even surface, it can be easier to tend to the plants. This can be great if you’re older but you still love to garden because you can kneel or sit on the border while weeding and watering instead of frequently bending down.

  1. Container Garden

A lot of people keep potted plants inside, but they’re just as great outside. By making a garden out of plants in separate containers you don’t have to commit to any given design. You can change the plants out regularly, replace the ones that don’t end up doing well in the space, and switch things out seasonally so everything stays fresh and exciting. People plant things in all kinds of containers: ceramic pots, decorative homemade or store-bought planters, and even ceramic blocks. The containers can be a visual element, or they can be hidden by draping plants. One extra fun idea is to mostly bury the pots in a bed of gravel.

  1. Hanging Garden

This is another great way to utilize containers. Give your space a visual lift by having all your blooms hanging from up high. After all, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were deemed one of the Seven Wonders. Why not treat yourself to that luxurious look? Pro tip: if your plants are hanging in a covered space, make sure you water them regularly since they won’t be able to get rainwater.

  1. Garden on a Stump

A lot of property owners end up needing to cut down a dead and/or dangerous tree at some point. The stumps this process leaves can be quite an eyesore but they’re often very hard to dig up. Instead, repurpose any stumps by incorporating them into your flower garden design! You’ll probably have to use containers in this situation as well. Place them on top, then go the extra mile by creating flower beds around the stump as well.

  1. Upcycled Garden

Do you love a good flea market find? Gardens are a perfect place to display all your treasures. People decorate their gardens with all sorts of things: reclaimed gates, heirloom farm equipment, license plates, vintage chandeliers, seriously, the sky’s the limit! You can even reuse old items as planters, such as antique wheelbarrows, wagons, caldrons, bed frames, suitcases, tires, and even whole cars! A lot of these items would otherwise end up polluting the earth in landfills. Why not reuse them in a creative way? You can even paint items and fix them up a little bit before placing them around your property. For a cohesive look, it’s best to consider what flowers go well with your items. If your trinkets are classic, your flowers should be too. If they’re eclectic, try planting some colorful and unique blooms.

  1. Deck with Built-In Flower Beds

If you’re thinking of adding a deck, consider one with built-in flower beds. This can easily be done with decks made of many different materials, from wood to tile. Can’t you just picture it now; kicking back in your patio furniture right next to some beautiful flowers, and you don’t even have to walk through the wet grass to get there!

  1. Garden Room

Create your own little outdoor oasis. Believe it or not, this doesn’t even have to be elaborate, it can be as simple as putting a comfortable bench amongst your flowers. Add some cushions, pillows, and candles and now you’ve got your own retreat. Make your space look even more like a room by putting up some trellises. This would be a great place to plant some crawling flowers. In time, they could grow up the trellises so much that it looks like your room has walls made completely out of flowers!

Whether you’re gardening around your own home as a hobby or having flowers added to a bed and breakfast you own to delight your guests, design is always important in a wide variety of situations. It’s visually appealing to have an outdoor space that looks purposefully planned. If you care about what the inside of your properties look like, you should take this same attentiveness outside, too. You can do this with flower gardens!

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