Running a Hotel During a Pandemic: How to Make Up for Lost Revenue

Without a doubt, the travel and hospitality industries are easily among those that have been hit the hardest by the fallout from the spread of COVID-19. The U.S. Travel Association has projected that spending on travel in the United States will plunge by $355 billion this year (31%), which is more than six times

Restaurant Patio Furniture

It’s dining al fresco season! If you’re a restaurant owner and you already have an outdoor seating area, this means it’s time for some spring cleaning and maybe some furniture and decor updates. On the other hand, maybe you don’t have an outdoor seating area yet but have been considering creating one.

7 Unique Flower Garden Designs

Plants bring so much to the human experience, from the oxygen we breathe, to the food we eat, to the views we enjoy. It’s no surprise that planting and tending to gardens is a popular and calming hobby. Many people fill the lawns of their properties and border their homes with flowers, and for

The Benefits & Uses of High Top Tables

High top tables are referred to as bar tables, cocktail tables, pub tables, bistro tables, cafe tables, counter height tables, and the list goes on. However, these names are just colloquialisms. What’s important to note is that these pieces of furniture are all taller than more traditional styles of tables. Standard height tables are

Unique Hotel Experiences

One of the most unique spending habits shared by Millennials and Gen Zers is that they would rather shell out their hard-earned cash for experiences than possessions. According to findings by JPMorgan, Millennials pay more for things such as travel, entertainment, and dining compared to their parents and grandparents. Experiences make young people happy